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right. from some stupid. stunts on t.v. dot com. clashes erupt involved raynal with police using tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters as a prominent human rights activist awaits a court verdict. the world's largest international islamic value prepares to show syria the door of some member countries funneled more equipment and allegedly weapons to the rebels. and smile for the cia the u.s. reportedly spies on its own connecting all surveillance cameras nationwide but tech experts fear the systems are being abused.
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hello and welcome to our team this tuesday karen tara reporting live from moscow well there have been more clashes in bahrain as a crucial court ruling looms for prominent human rights activists now. this prosecution is hardening the country's opposition most of the violence flared in the country's biggest city ali where tear gas and rubber bullets were used to disperse the crowds a verdict is expected on thursday on the field result who is already serving three months jail for making anti-government comments on twitter and taking part in an illegal gathering rulings for thirteen other well known activists are expected later on tuesday. rising began a year and a half ago in a public call for greater freedoms from their monarchy let's get more on the situation in bahrain from geo political and. patrick henningsen who works for the
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current affairs u.k. a column website thanks patrick for joining us today now set to announce the verdicts for some of the country's most well known activists including not be able to shop and that's happening on thursday what can we expect for them. well this is an interesting move as you know it at the same time there's calls from washington which we'll talk about in a minute to release jobs but we're going to be all be released possibly you know as far as the americans play a crucial role in europe this is an election year for obama so by them releasing him could gather some points for the democratic effort in the upcoming presidential election to show some. levity in their foreign policy but i doubt it because republicans would take the same exact line that the democrats have been taking with hillary clinton which is due to tell the bahraini government to suppress any of risings because of the political and strategic value but rain. in the iranian
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conflict now if the king of bahrain does release him from jail is there a chance that that will actually help him in court what do you think. well it remains to be seen. if that is the case but you know about rain if you look at the record they've taken absolutely hardline on any dissent in their country this is the clippy dynasty they're running gulags full of political prisoners thousand political prisoners they are on record and are known to be torturing their political prisoners as well they call on saudi arabia regularly to unleash its heavy handed paramilitary police but the reality is that both saudi and bahrain the royalty are hanging by a thread in terms of power in bahrain you have extremist minority sunni minority ruling over a shiite majority and with the pressure on iran this is going to become more of a hot situation with bahrain now hi how ideological is abbas for any opposition
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because based on the pictures and footage that have been coming out of there lately it just seems to be a bunch of young people throwing stones and petrol bombs at the police well that's the street expression of the protest which is obviously public dissent civil disobedience and so forth this is something that would be applauded if that happened in america the americans would be saying look look at our protests we we support you know freedom of expression and freedom to march in public but in reality they don't anymore not in the united states not in europe we need to protest in a permit to protest so be on the bahraini opposition is very organized i believe it is a genuine democratic reform uprising led by people like not be rajab ok now the crane is one of the u.s. strategic pillars in the gulf region with america's forces there defending against iran is starting to go into this a little bit i want to delve into it
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a little more what is washington's agenda for the region and the cranes are all innit. ok look the dissent in bahrain i believe that they're getting their marching orders directly from the pentagon the bahraini royal family which is to quell and to suppress and dissent and the reason is because the pentagon simply cannot afford to have a genuine uprising or any form of political instability in a country that is housing its naval fleet very important because right now after the election or right around the u.s. election the war drums against iran they're going to start beating those again and got hyping up the conflict with iran the fifth fleet is a really important piece on the chess board for the united states so obviously bahrain is going to do whatever washington says but this isn't direct contradiction to hillary clinton who's parading around with the friends of syria and the arab league and talking about them about democracy while the us is funding al qaeda
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farmers in syria so it doesn't make it there's no a lot of hypocrisy is coming out of washington and you look at the situation in bahrain which is very ugly now the rain has a majority shia population it's ruled by a sunni monarchy if these protests continue how difficult will it be for the regime to hold on to power it's going to be increasingly difficult in the coming months and i'll tell you why because you know look look at iran has been being bullied for the last sort of eight eight years nine years arguably thirty years if you want to go all the way back to nine hundred seventy nine but you know the shiite population in bahrain which used to be an iranian province not so long ago and also the shiite population in iraq the shiite population eleven on the other shiite population around the gulf and the middle east they're going to take the side of iran the more the west intimidates and israel intimidates iran and this is going to create little pockets in the sense popping up all over the region this is going to be this is
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a nightmare for washington. and a nightmare for london because this is something that's going to have a really difficult time controlling you know this iran will exert a moral influence if they're being attacked preemptively and the shiite populations will respond and all of these countries you've got a big problem now patrick we are running out of time but i do want to get this last question the latest development is again going almost totally unreported just why is there seemingly so little interest in the events going on in bahrain because the reason there is no interest particularly in the western media is this is how the mainstream media is manipulating the soft mind of yours in places like the united states and europe and so-called country that manipulate the minds to think focus on people like moammar gadhafi and bashar al assad that are these oh demons they're being graded through public relations campaign by the way but when you have a real real arab spring moment which is happening in bahrain which is being
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continually beaten down by saudi arabia and the bahraini royal family the mainstream media is nowhere to be found and that tells you who calls the shots when it comes to the so-called you know watchdog press and all right patrick i'm start interrupt you but that's all the time we have jail political analyst patrick henningsen live from london thank you. the world's biggest global body outside the un is suspending syria from the group they fifty seven member organization of islamic cooperation will hold an emergency summit on tuesday to agree to a resolution on syria iran's the only member of the block to openly speak out against sidelining damascus several member countries are unconditionally backing the rebels inside syria out there are conflicting claims over the fate of a government war plane that came down on monday officials blame technical failure with the pilot said to have a jacked it up but currently missing the rebels say they shot down and capture the
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pilot with a claim to show in an unconfirmed video this comes as the opposition steps up calls for a libya style intervention which there is little appetite for one foreign policy at spur told r.t. . there's not a great popular support in the united states for such an event and we're in the middle of campaign season losing leading into the presidential election also we have stronger opposition in the scenario we have china russia and iran all openly opposed to this so it would be a much more difficult step because one is not popular popular support for any intervention and because there are much stronger opponent brought the reality is that the free syrian army are in a volatile position they don't have the capabilities that the syrian national army has so there's a great experience of for currently united states and other nations are supporting the free syrian army or the opposition with huge amounts of aid this is
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a problematic though because. this is we're going to still make we've been in the stomach for months with what we've just seen more casualties but we're not seeing any advancement to any sort of alcohol. here watching our team and coming up welcome to. the oil rich hot bed of terrorism you probably never heard of r t gives you a guided tour of the rest of province of the world's got a watch on. it's been revealed to that the u.s. government is secretly spawning all its citizens using an advanced surveillance program software called trap wire is reportedly does have access reportedly to all security cameras across the country documents revealed through wiki leaks claim the software monitors people via facial recognition trap wires creators say it was designed to provide a simple but powerful way of collecting and reporting suspicious activity reports
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censorship and technology campaigner aaron schwartz says people's every move on line and on the street is now being watched. the n.s.a. is able to use cameras all over the country to zoom in on someone and track them wherever they go there's actually you know they they say explicitly the cameras can pan tilt and zoom in on particular faces so that wherever you are in the country at any of these high risk locations whether they're military bases or corporations or government sites they can zoom in on you track what you're doing and colin all the pictures across the entire country or the entire globe it all goes into a big face recognition database so that you know if they see the same person at multiple places they can track them wherever they go and in fact there are reports that they've been talking to companies like facebook and so on so not only can they track you in the real world but they can track your face whenever you post online and that can capture you know thousands of innocent americans millions of innocent americans the notion that all of this is happening totally unaccountable by a private corporation that's building these big databases of where anyone is at any
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time and being able to zoom in on them is really quite frightening there's no evidence that this is helping keep us more secure the government has repeatedly failed to show examples of where collecting all of this vast warrantless data has actually prevented terrorist attacks instead what we do have are clear examples where it's been abused used against the constitution and the fourth amendment protections we have in the united states and used to go after political enemies as opposed to actual terrorists. ecuador's president says he'll decide on joining us largest faith later this week when wiki leaks founder of the country's london embassy since june after skipping house arrest imposed by british authorities and sandra wants asylum in ecuador to avoid extradition to sweden to face sex crime allegations it was all blowing mastermind fears the u.s. is behind it to prosecute him for releasing secret diplomatic cables and wiki leaks web sites been under an intense hacker attack for more than
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a week but it's now back up and running a group calling itself anti leaks claims it carried out the online onslaught saying it's got scores to settle with a sign the head of the u.k.'s pirate party suspects a powerful force is behind the hackers. but we can certainly see that there is a concerted attempt to interfere with a whistle blowing flight of the moment that is the appears to be the most concerning denial of service attack on the wiki leaks for some time now this group and the league has claimed responsibility and good outcome quite in you know how much responding. are we killing. in some kind of you know don't involve voted certainly. the amount of traffic seems to amount to. machines now to groups who are spreading truth in any of the claims
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it would actually seem unlikely to groups like and too big for a new group you can come out she's going to tag but never when they're not impossible and also even cracked possible to do this with fewer than one thousand machines will take them all from organized. so i have for you this hour the global giants learning to love thy neighbor india and try a nobody up in increasing ways but some previous powerhouses on feeling usually left out and want to get in the way as we report so. also why getting over a games fever is going to leave brits taking some tough recession medicine a full story in just a couple of minutes. pakistan's largest province aleutians style may not mean much to many people but among the experts it's known as a sectarian terrorism hotbed and some u.s.
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lawmakers are even calling for its independence or she's going to chicken explains the region and its importance. baluchistan. you may have never heard of it or maybe caught a glimpse of it in a hollywood blockbuster but the place is a hot destination for intelligence services from around the globe hotbed of the insurgency home to various terrorist organizations kidnappings assassinations terror that's part of everyday life in baluchistan looking at its location as part of pakistan bordering afghanistan and iran you may think well no surprise they enjoy his place but apart from being a dangerous place the lucious don is a big geo political importance where major world powers have interest and china one of them a lucius that is sitting at the crossroads of oil and gas pipelines coming from central asia in iran and elsewhere the iran pakistan pipeline that took minutes
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then of ghana and pakistan india pipeline not to mention that baluchistan itself has its energy resources besides its water port and its right here is the access point of chinese chinese commercial shipping to the indian ocean and on to africa. but all the violence and instability there doesn't make it an easy place for business investigative journalist eric draitser tells me some world powers might be interested in keeping it that way first of all we have various indigenous terrorist organizations that operate inside of below tristan the liberation army. republican army lashkar e tayyiba just to name a few. is an organization that for decades has been focused on the stabilization of iran now the confluence of these various terrorist organizations of course is not coincidental this has
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a direct relation to the interests of the united states and the western powers. blocking the chinese destabilize. as in pakistan and part of waging their covert war against iran in hopes of not just in circling that country but to collapse it from outside the us government denies having any connection with jordan dollah and baluch terrorist organizations although cia memos leaked recently say these really mossad recruited john dollar members quote under the nose of u.s. intelligence officers end of quote as far as other terrorist groups like the loose liberation front there are a few people in u.s. congress who expressed readiness to support the separation of baluchistan from pakistan like dana rohrbacher from the house of representatives committee on foreign affairs any bad anything that's coming up right now that the pakistanis don't like about our attitude is being caused by actions taken by their government as far as who could benefit from instability in baluchistan most experts say it's
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extremists of all kinds mainly al-qaeda and its affiliates and as well as the taliban they certainly have an interest in maintaining instability but some also see baluchistan is a key square on the geopolitical chessboard the united states knows they cannot compete with china economically or industrially so they have to stunt china's development through these various subversive tactics they're willing to engage with various terrorist networks that they've had for many many years if not decades in order to try to make the chinese stall in their economic development so according to you hype wars are real and creating instability is one of the instruments to gain advantage but wouldn't it backfire the terror violence instability could it backfire in terms of terrorist reciprocation against the united states this is entirely possible but that didn't prevent the united states in the late one nine
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hundred seventy s. from financing and supporting the mujahideen against the soviets allegations that some global powers may be. violence in a place like baluchistan for their geopolitical interests or quite disturbing and raises the question whether pipeline wars are a reality in washington i'm going to check out. britain's military chief planner for the olympics claims that will take two years for the operation of the armed forces to return to full strength that's after eighteen thousand troops had to be diverted to the olympics to plug a security gap the government had to draft and soldiers out the last minute after the private firm charged with the job failed to get enough security staff ready on top of that the authorities demanded that ground based air defense systems be deployed in and around london during the games to repel terror attacks now that the sports fever is over britain's got a lot on its hands as laura smith reports it was
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a fortnight of sports and celebration but now that the party's over the house. kicks in it's come in the form of a big economic headache and the governor of the bank of england hasn't provided any relief but he says the live picture leads to any kind of last sting boost to the british economy. that ultimately the game's current old set the underlying economic situation the country faces and the reality of that situation is becoming increasingly clear the u.k.'s officially in a double dip recession the u.k. economy's been string cake the last week or so and the latest report from the bank of england basically puts the group school costs but this year at zero revised down from an estimate of north point eight percent in may one of the things contributing to a lack of growth is recession in the euro's day and damaging exports but something else the u.k.
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central bank cites is holding but growth is the government's fiscal consolidation program in a serious crisis of public confidence. out of six votes is now believed the coalition of all even till the next general election in two thousand and fifteen the liberal democrats and conservatives have vowed to stick together to solve the economic woes but if they fail to do that it could easily be a very low and painful high grade. all right time now for more world news from r t overnight clashes between french youths and police have left sixteen officers injured in france's northern city of. over one hundred young men torch cars a leisure center and a nursery school police reinforcements were dispatched to the city which had been declared among the country's fifteen most troubled areas earlier this month it's the first such incident since president came to power and he's vowed to bring the
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situation back under control. now region politicians say they've received death threats from the anti muslim organization a mass murderer on the spray of a claim to belong to a verdict is expected next week to decide whether the killer is sent to a prison or a psychiatric facility he admits killing seventy seven people mostly teenagers in twin attacks on the toilet island but denies terrorism. helen gurley brown the veteran magazine editor and role model for single girls worldwide has died in new york aged ninety she held to the bestselling cosmopolitan magazine for thirty two years and in doing so push the boundaries for women's rights and their sexual liberation are both sex and the single girl who set the feminist movement a light with its doctrine on getting the most out of life from money to men when a new york times writer suggested that the links between asia's two fastest growing
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economies china and india range from sharing billions of dollars in trade to having a similar outlook on the world's big issues as priya sridhar reports the growing a powerhouse friendship is one which some western countries would like to see cool down i have everything from drawing on. the board. the board logs the whole sordid domes what of all those in this warehouse and sar there are bizarre delhi's largest wholesale market for household items maher has a stash of hundreds of chinese products. he's been traveling to china every two months for the past ten years it's very easy to doing business enjoying. everything that comes from gumbo at home the two asian powerhouses have historically had tense ties over everything from their borders to their choice of
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friends but you wouldn't sense any kind of animosity it's are there are bizarre worse sixty percent of the products sold here are imported from china there should be more real friendship. and movies of the partnership between india and china extends beyond just making money the two countries also have a track record of voting similarly on foreign policy issues ranging from libya to iran to syria many experts believe that's because both countries are adamantly opposed to western military intervention which might be why some believe it's the way that is buddying up to india to counterbalance washington's growing fear of china they're very insecure border b.p. it is in their benefit that these conflicts keep coming up between india and china from the north and google. and it's easy to see why with forty percent of the world's population and two of the fastest growing economies in the world an
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alliance between the two countries could actually spell double trouble for the united states entrepreneurs like pavane are finding that joining forces with china is proving to be an unstoppable formula for success preassure either r.t. new delhi india. time now for the business desk with katy and despite all the global financial doom and gloom russians have a lost their desire to shop exactly people are really indulging themselves him not just food in the sense that is we're also. going to talk about a bit. dive into the market. this cheese i often. it is gaining we've got the european markets that a lot of that is to do with the germans economy greece might need more than expected in the second quarter that compares with the previous quarter and that's been driven by domestic demand and trade now from posted a growth figure out of his ear right now believe on all that was actually
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gratefully received because they were expecting a line. we've also got the annual rate of inflation for the u.k. as well which unexpectedly rose as well so as we can see european markets are indeed rising so let's see how the common currency is responding to all of these they also want to mention that the euro zone are indeed lower than expectations we've got one twenty three fifty just to the rushing current through those managing to gain against both the u.s. currency and the common currency that brings us on to the x markets here in moscow than they did open up and i've remained. in more they've managed to remain opposed to the l.t.s. in the my states around the third of a percent we're going to have also have a look at the oil prices which very much dictate what's going to happen here and they are indeed rising there's an official report due out this week expected to show that u.s. stockpiles to crease by the lowest level in four months which means lower supply
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ten chile holds him on from the world's biggest girls in our school cus russians are getting deeper into debt as the crisis in the bank loans to people are growing three times quicker than corporate m russians remember the lessons from previous financial struggles. well fear itself and all folding prizes are scooping russia a slump in the oil prize a ruble collapse like in the mines is what the russians doing about it well they go shopping but they are born with more money than average to do so present card debt is expected to rise almost eighty five percent this year it is already thirty three percent and that is adding words above market minimum twenty four percent interest when a crisis threatens to appearance historic tighten their belts postponing big purchases such as cars and houses by most of the russians this july for example newton's two
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hundred fifty thousand new cars were sold here in russia while the pre-crisis peaks in two thousand and eight mortgages already. this figure is expected to truthful by the year and despite the fact that the russian conceal must pay a minimum twelve per sounds annual interest three times higher than in the u.s. for example. as for average shopping while sales in europe are decreasing here in russia volume for the post toppled this route by seven per cent it could be we are seeing a distinct russian consumer confidence but what is sure while economizing europeans cost suspicious russians assure lower prices even more lower shelves and continue to tame high perhaps at the cost of common sounds that seem a bit of global business are to moscow. care and i'll see you tomorrow to me he's
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going to take a bit about some to the south to name all right good luck shopping. bag of you with dmitri rather in just under an hour's time but shortly it's the latest episode of the cause a report right after a recap of our top stories. the be. used today violence has once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing.


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